Since the establishment of the company,we have been contributing to the automobile industry and other wide-ranging fields with cost-performance and reliability of our multi-resistance welders, labor-saving machines and a line of various highly regarded products.Since our equipment and devices are developed and manufactured to meet the production line of users,we have always responded to the strict requirements such as: 1)Delivery demands,2)Quality demands and 3)Cost demands.

We are able to receive orders of not only setting up integrated automatic assembly line system from machine design and control design to sheet metal working, machining, assembly and adjustment but also each process separately.

Furthermore,we are expanding our horizons to other fields such as computers and FA and making efforts to increase productivity and quality by introducing advanced systems such as 3D CAD and 3D Production Simulation CAD(ROBCAD).

We are also making efforts to bring up human resources in pursuit of higher development as an enterprise.

Our aims are to meet the needs of the users and to supply much more excellent and reliable products by continuing our endless research based on our accumulated know-how and improved high technology.

Koichi Kimura
Representative Director and President