Toyo Denyo’s motto is to deliver all their products in accordance with the user’s specifications:
1) delivery demands,2) quality demands and 3) cost demands.
These specifications are always heeded to and the entire company continues its efforts with the development of its products under such key words.

With regard to design, Toyo Denyo has actively introduced CAD (Computer Aided Design) systems and has advanced the standardization of designing. We are making every effort to raise the productivity and quality, especially by making full use of most advanced systems like 3D CAD and 3D Production Simulation CAD (ROBCAD).
These CAD systems are the state-of-the-art tools which can create three-dimensional virtual machine or can simulate production line on a computer screen.


New technology in the 21st century is indispensable to Toyo Denyo.
We are grappling seriously with the anticipation of future needs,including the development of automatic assembly lines,automatic assemblyequipment,robots and computer software by considering FMS-oriented technology.